Disable Upgrade message

Is there any way I can turn off the message that pops up telling me there’s an upgrade to KM? I have no intention of ever upgrading from 7 to 8, so it’s very annoying, and occasionally I click it by accident which means I need to waste time uninstalling/reinstalling.

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Hey @eranbeard,

See Peter's post in this thread.


Thanks!.. but that makes absolutely no sense to me! Any instructions for non-technical minds?!

Hey @eranbeard,

It looks like I misread the preference.

It apparently will not let to turn check for updates completely off.

It will only limit checking to when the Keyboard Maestro Editor is launched.


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Mar 2018

The preference means the report of the new version will only happen when you launch or activate the editor, which is useful on server Macs or if you do presentations or whatever.

The only way to stop the notification altogether is to firewall the keyboardmaestro.com site - because there is only me doing support, I cannot afford to have people running old versions and asking for support only to respond with “that is fixed in 8.x.x”.

Per this, the only way to disable it is to block the site. That seems extreme, but I assumed the app will only offer upgrades to which I am entitled. It would not be logical to do otherwise. But it does otherwise.

I just finished downgrading from 10 back to 9 as I don't have a license for 10. I don't want to block the site, but as far as I can tell, that is the only way to prevent me from having to go through the uninstall / reinstall process again.

I'll block it at my local DNS server initially, but I think a security app like little snitch can restrict just the apps access to the site.

Would like this too. Software update messages always break my flow, so I've chosen to turn them all off and manually update everything periodically. KM seems to be one of the rare exceptions that doesn't let me opt out of update messages.