Dynamically Created Named Clipboard Contains "Empty Clipboard Text"

I can dynamically create a named clipboard but it contains "Empty Clipboard Text" rather than the System Clipboard when using my macro (based on the macro from here: Copy to a dynamically created Named Clipboard ).

Not sure why?

Hi Steve,

the KM action that gets executed by the AppleScript is the Copy to Named Clipboard action. (That is, the macro will execute a ⌘C keystroke and then set the named clipboard to the system clipboard.)

Judging by your screenshot, you are not using the macro to copy any selection, so the named clipboard may be empty.

The macro you are showing, is it for testing purposes or is it how you want to use it? In the latter case we have to adapt the AppleScript.

OK, here is a variation that copies the content of the System Clipboard to a dynamically created Named Clipboard (as shown in your screenshot):

Set New Named Clipboard to System Clipboard (as styled text).kmmacros (4.1 KB)



Tested with KM 8.2.1