Editing Macro List on a Palette

I made a palette for one folder with macros. There is one macro in the folder, which I don’t want to see on the palette. And there is another macro from another folder, which I would like to see on this palette. Is it possible to see/hide these macros without moving/deleting them in the folder. As I understand correctly I see on the palette every macro, which I have in the folder.

Basically no.

A Macro Group palette shows every enabled macro it contains. So you can hide a macro by disabling it, but that’s the only option.

You can sort it to the end using a sorting tag like “ZZ)” at the front (eg “ZZ)Ignore this macro”).

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If you have a macro that is not in the palette group, but you want it on the palette, then you need to make what I call an “alias” macro. This is a macro with one action in it, an “Execute a Macro” action, and it executes the other macro.

You can use one or both of the following helper macros, if you want:

If you have a macro you don’t want to see on the palette, but you still want it to be active, you need to put it in a different group. Here’s how I usually handle this:

Let’s say I have an application called Gimp. I make two groups, one called “Gimp” and one called “Gimp Palette”. Both of them are only available when Gimp is the active application. And obviously, only “Gimp Palette” is the one that has a palette.

I often put all the macros in the non-palette group, then use the “alias” method mentioned above to include them in the Palette group. That way, even if the palette isn’t showing, the macros are still available, which is especially useful if they have a hotkey.