Empty desktop (space)

i have mac-OS Mojave
if i have in some desktop (space)
window that already open window Firefox
than when i go to empty desktop (space)
and i click on Firefox icon in the dock
the Firefox go to the Firefox window on that desktop that open

please i need help
i want to click on Firefox icon in the dock
in empty desktop (space)
and that will new Firefox windows will open
in this desktop (space)
and will not go to the desktop
that the Firefox already open

so if it will need to making shortcut keyboard for this its fine
then i will not click on Firefox dock to open new Window
i will just click on this shortcut keyboard

What is your nationality? Would you prefer to post your question also in your native language? I'm not a native English speaker

i'm from Israel

i will clarify my problem :

let say i am in desktop 1 in mac
and there is open window of Firefox in desktop 5

i need macro that open Firefox in new window
in desktop 1

found this post:

work grate

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