Emulate Eject Key on Non-Apple Keyboard?

Greetings, I can find plenty of posts on how to remap an existing Apple Keyboard Eject Key; but I can't find anything on how to emulate an Eject key/token on a non-Apple keyboard.

I'm trying out a Kinesis Freestyle Edge, and while it includes software to emulate most Mac tokens, they overlooked Eject.

Yes, I still have a Superdrive on my Mac Pro; and I also would like to be able to maintain the many combinations that include the Eject key, particularly Control-Eject, which brings up the Sleep/Restart/Shutdown dialog.

A little playing around with both the Edge and Apple keyboards attached, I note that pressing Control on the Edge, and Eject on the Apple, does not produce that dialog as expected; it merely sends a naked eject command to the drive, so obviously Apple creates a special token within the Apple Keyboard when both keys are simultaneously pressed.

I am aware that KM can produce the Sleep, Display Sleep, Force Restart, Restart with prompt, etc.; but I really still want both the Eject token and its related combinations to preserve 30+ years of memory. I just want to map Eject to a single key on my Edge and use existing macOS shortcuts.

Any help is appreciated.

Keyboard Maestro has a Simulate Hardware Key action, that can simulate such keys including the Eject key. Did you try that?

In the next version, you will be able to include modifiers with the keystroke, which should allow you to simulate Control-Eject.

Of course, as with all things, it depends on who is listening to the events and how they interpret them as to whether it will work as expected.

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Finally remembered to revisit this issue; I tried to emulate Control-Eject using Simulate Hardware Key, and it's not responding, even with just 'Try' in KME. Is there any other way to access that System dialog? It's SO perfect; one keystroke to choose Sleep, Restart or Shutdown, with or without reopening current apps and a timer, to boot. I've been mussing about with three separate KM macros for each, and a hand rolled AppleScript that attempts to emulate it, but it lacks the fine control. I just want the simple, single keystroke I've used for 30 years, that works without reaching for my extra Apple keyboard, still attached, just for the silly little things my Kinesis can't do. So, I know my computer will respond to Control-Eject from a real keyboard; how do I get KM to emulate the same using that feature?