SOLVED - Eject CD once iTunes has finished ripping, then open newest folder in dirABC with appXYZ

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a hotkey to not only eject a CD once ripping is complete, but also open the folder of ripped files with a droplet that opens tagging app Yate ( - which itself runs a pre-defined user action on the audio files in the folder (the droplet can be set to call to Discogs, MusicBrainz, format ID3 tags the way I like, etc).

SOLVED! - Used Shell Script drutil tray eject :grinning: Will post updated macro in a reply below

Native OS X shortcut CMD+E will eject the CD, but I've not fathomed how to connect that ejection action as a trigger to then open the newly created folder with the droplet (I've considered 'Watched Folders', but I need the action to start once the rip process is complete, not during). NOTE: I've solved the folder opening, just not the triggering once the CD has stopped and been ejected/unmounted.

I've tried a custom hotkey Alt+E to action do the following:

  1. If iTunes is at the front
  2. Pause until Menu Item 'Eject Disc' is enabled (ie the CD rip process has finished)
  3. Type the CMD+E keystroke to iTunes

This slowed the external CD drive down and it started sounding like it wanted to eject, but it wouldn't do so until I directly typed the CMD+E keystroke myself.

I then tried the same macro actions, only this time replaced '3' above with 'Open/Close CD Tray' - Again this resulted in the disc slowing to almost a halt and the drive making some "I want to eject" noises. But the system would not let the disc eject until either the CMD+E shortcut was used, or the respective iTunes>Controls>Eject Disc menu or iTunes 'Eject Disc' button was clicked.

I've also tried a different hotkey and a different manual way of triggering in case of conflict. But nothing I could do would trigger the CD eject (and subsequent folder action) besides CMD+E (which I can't then use to trigger the droplet stage)

I guess this thread is related, in so far as having problems with Eject, although I'm using the keyboard of my MacBook Pro and my optical drive is an external USB2.0 Samsung Blu-ray Disc...

... and I'm using modified actions based on this macro to successfully open the folder with the Yate droplet.

I'm running OS X 10.14.6 Mojave on a Late 2013 Retina MBP, with KM 9.2


Please help


The working macro containing setup info for your reuse. Hope you find this useful!

Eject CD and Launch Yate Droplet.kmmacros (20.0 KB)