Execute arrow input only with left hand

I want to execute arrow input only with left hand.
This is because it is troublesome to move the right hand that holding a mouse to the keyboard every time.
Therefore, I want to make arrow input like this.

Control + Option + V: down arrow

So, I made this macro.

However, with this, I can't enter continuously by holding down the key like the original arrow key.
What should I do? Is there any good way?
Thank you.

Not within Keyboard Maestro.

You can change the trigger to "while down" and remove the Press and Hold option on the Type a Keystroke (which as the Alert icon shows you, wont do anything other than press and release it anyway) it will repeatedly press the Down Arrow while the Control-Option-V is held down.

But Keyboard Maestro operates at a level above the keyboard layout so it cannot really make key substitutions. You could use a low level tool like Karabiner to do that.

You might be able to use the "Repeat" version of this macro to simulate repeated keypresses.

Thank you everyone.