Export clips in branch

please i have mov files in folder call "HIDE PHOTOS DETA"
when i export clips in branch from browser in final cut pro the files move to the
please i need macro that rename those files numerically from 1- until the end of files
1 will be the first file that export from final cut pro
and the last number for example 187 will be the last file that export from final cut pro

There are detailed examples of how to do this on this website, like here:

If that example is not adequate, or you need to ask questions about it, please feel free.

can you tell me where i enter the folder name

where it written "DND__Movie_Index" ?

Although I've never used that macro before, I read some of its documentation and it seems to say that it works on the files that you have selected in Finder.

So you don't enter the folder name anywhere. You click on the files you want to rename. If you have ten files, you select all ten files at once.

Did you try that?

yes i try
but it's not working

Okay. I'm sure the macro has been tested and works for others. So my guess is that you aren't using it correctly. If you explain exactly what you did, step by step, and keystroke by keystroke, we should be able to help.

it is possible to create macro that i will give the macro a folder and he will do that, (macro that rename those files numerically from 1- until the end of files)

with not to select manually
the macro will do this automatically
because he know the folder name

Yes. Just use a Folder Contents collection in the For Each.

please can you help me to create this macro
i try

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