Extract Email Addresses From CSV File and Complete an Action With Each?

I am looking to automate a process by which I extract a set of emails from a CSV file and collect them as a dictionary, then do an action with each one individually.

My problem is I can't figure out how to read the file and extract the email address. I can do the rest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Showing a sample of your CSV (anonymized) would enable others to comment and help.

( Show is always better than tell, and "CSV" is the name of a much larger and much more diverse set of text patterns than one might imagine ).

If you want detailed help extracting the email addresses, you will need to post at least a few lines of the CSV file.

In general, that are at least two approaches:

  1. Use a KM For Each action with a lines in collection of a file
  2. Use a KM Read a File action
    • And then a For Each on the KM Variable.

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