F6+F7 Simultanesly


Hello Guys,
Excuse my noob question,
I’m new here and Really love the possibilities of KM.
I’m on Protools.
1- I need to Simulate the Keystroke : F6+F7 simultaneously, Which KM is not Accepting, I tried a time loop for F6 then F7 Not working either… (if you could help me with that, I looked around didn’t find anything)
2- I need My mouse to stay where it was after executing the Macro. Tried (Philip idea, with MOUSEX and MOUSEY but i receive a notification each time I execute it, saying Macro Cancelled…

Thank you for your time and effort.


For 2) you can do something like this:


Its best to ask different questions in different topics, since otherwise the topic title is much less useful for searching in the future.

You can try using the actions:

Press and Hold F6
Press and Hold F7
Release F7
Release F6

The Type a Keystroke action has options for Press and Hold and Release in the gear menu.


Thank you @cfriend for the screenshot Exactly What I needed.
Thank you @peternlewis
I had tried
Press And Hold F6
Press F7
Release F6
But it didn’t work . (Cause Instinctively that’s what my finger Do… )
I’ll try that one .

Thanks a million for your time .


F6+F7 in ProTools is SMART TOOL, right?
You can also use Command+7 (alpha) for selecting SmartTool.


For actions that includes a mouse click on a certain spot there is the RESTORE MOUSE LOCATION function within the action. Click on the sunny ball on the upper right corner.


@Fokke I’ll try the Restore mouse Location,
And yes it’s for the Smart tool,
I wanted a Macro that will help me pass from normal editing to drawing the waveform and then back again (with zoom and Stuff… ) When I have some nice macro ready, I’ll share them …
I’m still in the KM learning phase


You could make a key that when down changes your tool to the pencil tool, and when released back to the smart tool. That’s easy. It consist of two macro’s actually. One for key down and one for key released.


I have to try this to see how practical it is, But I like the idea… Gracias


The biggest challenge in using KM for ProTools is finding a way to get data from PT, or finding methods for actions that PT has no shortcuts for. We always want to avoid mouse clicks as much as possible.
I spend a good lot of time in this!


yes indeed …
Do you have a way of extracting All the markers and their timecode ?


What do you mean? Can you be a bit more detailed in what you want to achieve?


Let’s say I want to send Questions to director or other department.
I want to extract all the Markers Name, Timecode and Notes and put them in excel or email.
I hope that make things clearer… Cause Actually that’s the most time consuming while not really working sound.


Does this help you? In the Markers Window, export markers as text.


I made a macro that is slightly related to your request above.
i am often using Whats App on my Mac to talk to editors or directors while i am mixing/editing. So i want to send them a timecode from my main timecode window. And i hate typing timecode. Don't you?
So, i made a macro that copies the master timecode, and i can paste that in What's app or TextEdit or whatever.

I use control+Enter for trigger. Both to get the data from PT and pasting it in any other program.
Current Timecode read:paste.kmmacros (25.4 KB)


Cool, I hate typing Timecode…
Thanks for both, I never saw this export to Text in PT
I’ll check to see how you copy the Timecode, Cause Sometimes I need to go back and forth between 2 timecodes, and I can only save one…
I saw that Km have many option for clipboard but didn’t got the time to explore them yet…
Thanks a lot Fokke, Hope we work together someday…
And Be patient with me as apparently you’ll be my goto with KM and PT.


I always forget about that!


But i did used your Mouse Position actions above in another action of mine that has a move-mouse action and therefore the Restore Mouse Position does not work there. Your actions solved that for me. Thanks!


Thank you dear,
I just tried it and it’s perfectly beautiful. Thank you
is their a way to get the length too?


Yes, you could. If you have made a selection there is a duration in the “length” field. If not there will be zero’s. You could use the “/” key on the numeric keypad to get there, copy it, put it in a variable and use it, just like i did with the main timecode. See how i done that and use the same method, this is how you get familiar with KM. You could even extend the macro by using a IfThenElse command. If the length is 00:00:00:00 then don’t type the duration.