Faster screen sharing in Sonoma

Sonoma's new Screen Sharing GUI app is pretty to look at, but much slower than the old method I used, which was to launch the (hidden) Screen Sharing app and start typing an IP address. After some digging, I found a quicker way to do this in Sonoma (and earlier) OSes: The vnc:// URL scheme. You can open a connection with open vnc://user@host in Terminal.

I wrote about a couple different ways to do that on my blog, and included a screenshot of a macro I wrote to give me a nice little chooser for when I need to screen share:

And now, here's the actual macro that creates that little chooser…

Screenshot of the macro

Faster Screen Sharing demo.kmmacros (9.5 KB)

This works really well for me, and is even quicker than my prior method, as I no longer have to type (or remember) IP addresses. As this is an incredibly simple macro, I haven't bothered to include my macro updater tool, as I don't see much in the way of future update activity.