Favorite Actions Search and Insert - à la KMFAM

I am now using the Keyboard Maestro 10 Favorite Actions feature to save and recall Favorite Actions. They work really well but I missed the feature that was in @DanThomas's excellent KMFAM Macro, to be able to first search for Favorite Actions and then search all Actions, using the same keyboard shortcut.

EDIT - Dan just let me know that one of the Macros in his latest KMFAM actually does this - so, to avoid confusion by having two Macros that do the same thing - here is a link direct to his version -

The relevant Macro is called: Insert Action by Name

In my macro set KMFAM->FAV macros, I included a macro called Insert Action by Name in the group KMFAM->FAV Support. Did you see this macro? If so, is there something it doesn't do, that your macro does?

It's no big deal to me that you wrote your own - in fact, kudos for taking the initiative! This stuff is fun! I just wondered if mine was lacking somehow.

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Ah great. So are you saying that KMFAM now works with Keyboard Maestro 10 native Favorite Actions? If that's the case I totally missed that! :grinning:

No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that there's a macro that does what yours does. Press the hotkey once and it opens KM's insert dialog and puts "FAV " in the search box. Press the hotkey again, and it removes "FAV " from the front of the search text.

Yes, I've just downloaded it. Works great. I'll remove my Macro to avoid confusion and make a link to yours. Thanks again for making KMFAM.


I'll remove my Macro to avoid confusion and make a link to yours.

Normally I'd tell you not to bother, but in this case, I think you're right.

Thanks again for making KMFAM.

You're welcome!

By the way, I think you mentioned that your macro was a little harder to make then you thought it would be. What problems did you run into? For mine, and this is from memory but I think it's right, I discovered that if I tried to do a "copy" of the FAV search box when there was nothing in it, something bad happened. I can't remember if it just gave an error, or it hung up. But I learned I had to check to see if the "Edit->Copy" menu was enabled before I tried to copy. And then I discovered I had other macros that could fail like that also! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had first used "Cut" to select the initial search including FAV in order to shorten it to the same search without FAV at the front - but found that if the Actions window was open this could inadvertently "Cut" (delete) one of my Favorite Actions... which was certainly bad. It was tricky to work out how to insure the Macro ran only when the Actions Window wasn't open.

Whoa! To quote Ghostbusters, "that would be bad". :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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