Favorite macros not synced via dropbox?

I’ve just set up KM on a new mac and got my macros from DropBox fine, but it seems my favorite macros are not synced via DropBox. Is this true? If so, it’s a feature request I’d like to see.

Do you mean Favorite actions in the action selector?

No, they are not synced - nothing except for your macro groups and macros are synced. There are plenty of other things that could be synced: settings, clipboard history, named clipboards, variables, etc, but none of that is synced, just the macros.

I understand that once you sync more than macros and groups, you have to start asking, “well, why don’t we just sync everything?” However, I would also like to see favorite actions synced.

Right, favorite actions I mean.

Count me in! I’d like to see syncing of favorites, named clipboards, settings… the works! Why not sync everything so your entire KM environment is replicated on all your computers?

Or maybe it could be a preference setting as to what a given user wants to sync.

Note this could also be solved with an automatically populated category of either “Recently Used” or “Frequently Used”. I see this pattern across many applications. Of several hundred available options, there’s a dozen I care about (Pareto Principle I guess). When there’s a decent “Recent” category, that usually is sufficient.

I’d like to refresh my request for all KM settings to be synced, including Favorites, Clipboards, Settings, etc. I pretty much live in KM on my computers and it’s frustrating to make changes on one computer, then have to replicate those changes on my other computers.


Currently its not practical to sync more than just the macros because it is synced through a single file, and that file contains only the macros.

All the other settings are in different files.

It may happen one day, but it is a lot of work to make it happen.

That’s surprising given that so many other products share their application files via Dropbox. As far as I can see, they just put the data in a folder, then share that folder via the Dropbox “Apps” folder. (1Password shares hundreds, and sometimes thousands of files that way!) Couldn’t all of the KM data/settings files be in a single folder that could then be in Dropbox? That way the data would not only always be synced, but it would be automatically backed up as well! :+1:

Hey Tony,

This is far less simple than you seem to think.

There are some methods available for syncing things that Keyboard Maestro doesn't manage natively.

See these threads for ideas: