Feature request : A better way to show a macro's group

I realized that after creating a lot (+150) of very simple macros over the last few days I had quite a hard time remembering in which macro group each of them was.

So, I used the "Enabled Macros“ smart folder. It was of great help to find and edit the macro I was looking for.


While a "Triggred by any of the following when "Name of the application" is at front" might be enough to find the macro's group back. It is way harder with "Triggered by any of the following (when macro group is enabled)" or "Triggred by any of the following".

As a newbie, so many time my macros were not working only because the macro's group wasn't "available" :man_facepalming:

In conclusion, having a way to see very easily to which group a macro belongs to would be awesome.

Maybe it already exists ?

At the top left (ok, right) corner when editing a macro it shows the macro group (if the current selection in the macro column is not a single macro group). Clicking on it will select the macro group.

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Wrong answer. It is right corner :slight_smile:

Awesome ! So useful !

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