Feature Request: Progress Indicator in a for Loop

Just an idea, useful for scripts that take too long to run.


What is "Progress"? A loop counter does seem something that could drive a progress bar.

But how about "I'm on Step 7 of 18"?

And also custom progress?

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You could do this with a Custom Html Prompt. Show the prompt "async", then use "Execute a javascript in custom HTML prompt" to call functions that set the progress bar's state, and even display text.

I know the next question will be "Do you have an example?" If you want me to come up with one, let me know. I just did some research and it doesn't look too hard. The devil's always in the details, of course.


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I would also observe that "taking too long to run" also implies the risk of clicking away and interfering with the running is high.

I'm having a hard time training myself not to "multitask" that way. :slight_smile:

True, but sometimes it's necessary. I have some tasks in Final Cut that are like that.

Absolutely! I'm much better now, but I still succumb to temptation every now and then.


sir @peternlewis :point_up_2:

This is not as good as a real progress indicator, but I have found it helpful to remind me to NOT interfere with an ongoing KM Macro that is manipulating the UI:

MACRO: Wait Indicator


For anyone watching this topic, I just uploaded a Progress Bar macro.