Feature Request: Prompt Before the Import of a Macro or Action

@peternlewis It'd be great to have built-in something like what the always great @DanThomas created:

a Prompt that asks before you import a Macro or an Action.

  • It'd be useful for new KM users as well, to know where do they want to place a Macro, or even more important, an Action downloaded from the forum.
  • Could ask to import the macro/action in a Disabled state.

OT: There are some great additions that should be shipped built-in, like a Progress Bar as well (also Dan provided an excellent macro :slight_smile:), or ship KM with more examples, like the Copy as Array, or how to Batch Rename files


I completely agree, @peternlewis.

I suspect a lot of new users are confused by the current import process, especially the import of Actions.

Furthermore, there should be an option to replace an existing Macro that has the same UUID.


It catches me out very often and I wouldn't class myself as a new user!

I certainly agree with this @peternlewis

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