Feature request: search window for execute macro action

I would like to submit a request to our beloved Master @peternlewis
For the execute macro action, it is quite tedious to find the needle in the haystack, ie the macro to execute when there are a gazillion macros to choose from. I understand that macro groups narrow the search, but it can still take some time.
thank you

As a workaround, if you know the name of the macro I find the alphabetical list in "All Macros" can sometimes be faster than going through the group.

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Maybe not the perfect way but:

You can have two KM Editor windows open. While the macro you are working on is open in window A, you can search for a macro in window B and drag it into your current macro. This will create an Execute action for the dragged macro.


thank you

excellent idea !

Agreed. I have found this macro by @DanThomas to be very helpful:

MACRO: Pick and Insert 'Execute a Macro' (Spotlight)

I always use it to insert Execute a Macro action.

thanks very much for the link to Dan's macro. I wrote one of my own which I posted but it is far inferior to Dan's so I deleted my post.

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