Feature Request: Support for "Proper" Help Information in Third-Party Plugins

Currently the only support for help information for a third-party plugin is the standard (mostly empty) action page in the wiki (https://wiki.keyboardmaestro.com/action/Plug_In) and the short tool-tip help specified in the plugins plist file.

I'm writing a couple of plugins and need to link to some detailed help information about them. A pdf or html file in the plugin's folder accessed vie the standard gear icon on the plugin itself would be perfect.

Is this something you could add to your todo list please Peter @peternlewis?


I will note it down, but I doubt it will happen any time soon unless I can come up with a clever solution.

It is possible I could add an additional key to the plug in to direct help to a specific page on the wiki, and then the wiki could include your help info. Would that work?

Not that I'm promising anything like this, just that that is my first thought on how to do it since that is how the rest of the help system works.

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The use of the wiki is the current standard way of providing help on actions so - yes, that would be great as it maintains consistency. And adding an extra key to the plug in spec. would be a really easy way (for me) to make use of the facility.

So yes please! :+1:

Any chance of this happening at all @peternlewis ?

It is still on the todo list. There is no ETA for it.


Thanks - good to know!

Done for the next version.

Added an optional HelpURL field which can be a URL to whatever help is available for the plugin.

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Much appreciated, Peter - thanks!