FileMaker Script Debugger, Data Viewer, Layout Objects window, etc

KBM has some powerful window manipulation tools (actions and functions) and I really want to use those actions and functions in KBM to position these windows in FileMaker (Pro Advanced 16). But they’re not actually windows, they’re “panels” and KBM doesn’t seem to be able to see them.

I found this: Window Information Tool and the output from that macro doesn’t list those windows (panels), and that forum post suggests if that’s the case I’m out of luck. Am I really? Or does anyone know a way to target panels (specifically some of those FMPA ones) with KBM’s window manipulation tools & functions?

Thanks in advance!

If they are not windows as defined by the macOS, then KM will not be able to “see” them, or reference them.

The best window discovery tool I know of is further down in the topic you referenced:

So, if the objects you want to access do not appear in that list, then you will have to resort to AppleScript UI scripting, which can access any element on a window. To discover these objects on a window, try this tool, also by @ccstone:

Macro: Front Window Analysis Tool for System Events

Could you give an example of something you are specifically trying to do in FileMaker? I think this will be useful in determining how to gain access to the window/panel you need Keyboard Maestro to help with.