Window Information Tool


Hey Folks,

Sometimes you need more information about an application’s windows than Keyboard Maestro can provide.

This macro produces a more comprehensive report and uses TextEdit to display that in a table.

Although it’s possible to get quite a lot more information still, we’ll start with this.


Window Discovery Tool v1.0.kmmacros (5.9 KB)

Can KM sense when the OmniFocus Quick Entry window is active?
Front Window Analysis Tool for System Events
FileMaker Script Debugger, Data Viewer, Layout Objects window, etc
Tile all floating windows within an application
List All Windows and Properties of App (KM8)
Move mouse to alert window

Cool! Thanks.


Hey Folks,

Keyboard Maestro cannot see various non-standard window-types, but that doesn’t stop users from wanting to be able to test for them at times.

System Events can sometimes come to the rescue.

This macro lists every window visible to System Events by application.

To use:

Open the window you want to work with.

Run the macro.

It will take a few seconds to open the report in TextEdit.

Look for the related application.

See if the window you want to work with is listed.

If it IS listed then you have some options and can ask for help if you need it.

If it is NOT listed then unfortunately you’re probably out of luck.

** Mission Control spaces are not comprehensively supported by AppleScript, so it’s best to have only one space open when testing.


Window Discovery Tool → Windows System Events Can See v1.0.kmmacros (9.6 KB)

If any window title of Safari contains x then
List All Windows and Properties of App (KM8)
Working with the Pomodoro Menulet Application
Best Macro List
FileMaker Script Debugger, Data Viewer, Layout Objects window, etc
Can KM detect Witch's popup panel (popup window)?
If any window title of Safari contains x then

Chris -

Great tool! I’ve been wanting this for so long!

FYI, the results are limited to the current Mission Control “Desktop”. I actually like this, but you should probably mention it (unless you did and I’m blind, which is entirely possible).



As far as I can tell this hasn’t changed in Keyboard Maestro 8 right? I would still like to use an if statement to check for a window of a background application that is at the forefront.


Hey @skillet,

Since there are various kinds of windows it’s difficult to determine how to talk to a window the user can see — for instance — the front window might not actually be in front according to the system.

That’s why I elected to have the macro report every window System Events can see by application.



Thanks Chris, When I upgraded to Keyboard Maestro 8 it broke several of the scripts you helped me work through with a Pomodoro app I depend on. I need to spend a few hours when I get a chance to see why things broke. It also has not worked as slick as it did back when I was using QuicKeys because of different dialogs poping up in front and Keyboard Maestro not being aware of menulet apps like QuicKeys did.


Hey @skillet,

That’s odd. Keyboard Maestro 8 shouldn’t have broken any AppleScripts…

Tell me exactly what the problem is, and I may be able to help diagnose the issue.



I didn’t want to load that on you because it is an intricate web of macros that all reference each other with variables.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Pomodoro - (N) Work” Macro

Pomodoro - (N) Work.kmmacros (61 KB)

I spent a few more hours trying to track down what was going on and finally figured out that apparently empty variables no longer referenced the text I was typing in and now need at least a space to be put in so the values I type in for the "Prompt for User Input “Pomodoro Action” shows up in the pomodoro.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Pomodoro - Variable - Key N [Referenced Macro in AppleScripts]” Macro

Pomodoro - Variable - Key N [Referenced Macro in AppleScripts].kmmacros (29 KB)

I am glad that things are finally working again and thanks for being willing to help.

Also as a side note it seems like we lost the key command command+shift+t. Not sure what other things like that changed but I added it back through Keyboard Maestro.


Hey @skillet,

I’m glad things are working again.