Finder – Change Case of Selected Files

Hey Folks,

This macro will change the case of the selected files in the Finder to Title-Case.

You can change the value of the property “theCase” in the script to switch between 3 modes:


I don't have time right now to learn how to turn it into a 3rd-Party module for Keyboard Maestro, but it should be very easy to do – so I'll get around to it if no one beats me to the punch.

As usual the macro will run a little faster if the AppleScript is saved as a compiled script instead of run as a text-script.

The method used for Title-Case has no intelligence and simply capitalizes every word.


Compiled AppleScript:
Change case of file names in the Finder to (7.2 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Macro:
Finder Selection → Change Case to Title-Case.kmmacros (5.4 KB)

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Thanks Chris, this is fantastic, I have replaced two macros I had in QuicKeys that did this with your AppleScript and added the third of uppercase since Keyboard Maestro makes duplicate commands easier to deal with or less of a set-up at least not having to make conflict pallets or pallets for confilicts. You are amazing!