[FINDER] Move Selected Finder Items to Choose Folder [Example]

That sounds great!
I suggest that you post it as a new topic in the “macro” section, with a link back to here.
That will help others find your macro easier.

Great macro! I’ve posted it here: https://cafetran.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/6000051701

I have a lot of project folders and it can take some mouse actions to scroll down to the right one. Would it be possible to add an incremental search for the project folder name? E.g. I start typing m,u,e to have the project folder mueller selected? Or would that require a full blown app? ;).

Anyway, many thanks for this nice macro.

I just had an idea: When I switch the View mode to the List display instead of the [||_] one (don’t know what it’s called), then the problem is solved. So I’ll google for how to switch to this List display ;).

It’s at easy as using this AppleScript:

tell application “Finder” to ¬
set the current view of the front Finder window to list view

Is this what you are looking for?
KM can perform Applescripts

A good solution for this is to make a set of macros with the same trigger, each of which moves the files to a specific folder. Then Keyboard Maestro will use the Conflict Palette to let you select the desired folder.

I have this set up on Control-F in the Finder:

Pressing S would eliminate all the others and let me choose an account with C/M/S.


I've got a huge folder of PDF books that I want to organize. To start with I want to categorize the books into big folders like FRENCH, MATHEMATICS, and so on. So far, those aare the only two I've tried.

I changed this action to hard-code the destination folder to either FRENCH or MATHEMATICS, based on whether I press one key chord or another.

For some reason, to move five or six files, this action takes fifteen to twenty seconds.

The only non-standard thing I'm coping with is that the files are in a Dropbox folder that I have mounted using an app called Cloud Mounter. So my destination folder looks like:


Still -- seems like I could just open a few windows and drag and drop if each small set of files is going to take so long to move.

What might I be doing wrong?

This is very unusual. I've moved lots (>50) files with this and it is fast.
But maybe there is something with your setup/use case that is much different.

To analyze, we need more info:

  1. If you manually move the same group of files, how long does it take?
  2. How large are these PDF files?
  3. Have you tried moving to a non-Dropbox location?

Hey @JMichaelTX, I'm playing with Path Finder. How does this need to be modified to work with it? I added "The running applications" to the For each collections in the Move Each Item in Finder Selection... action but it's not that easy. Maybe some directions for me to begin to understand this macro or a fix if you'd rather not get into teaching mode? I'm guessing the MSF_FinderItem variable doesn't see the selection when the section is within Path Finder. Maybe replace it with MSF_PathFinderItem or does the coding of this whole action include the Finder in a way that makes it unusable with Path Finder?

Hey Bern,

Search for "Path Finder" and "AppleScript" on the forum and see if you can answer your own question.

If not then report back, and we'll help.



MACRO: Get Text List of Items Selected in PathFinder

Thank you @JMichaelTX , I pulled the various pieces together and to my surprise it worked. It's now a tool I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of.

@ccstone , I read all the items that that search brought up. While I could get the gist of what was being said, there are too many holes in my understanding to use those pieces. What one book would you recommend to begin learning AppleScripting?

I'm going to either going learn enough to be able to use the support generously offered here or just hire someone to write whatever code I need. I have no commitment to this inbetween place my current level of understanding leaves me.

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Chris may have a different suggestion, but I would not start with a book.
If you are new to AppleScript and are interested in learning more, then I'd suggest you take a look at:

Learning AppleScript

  1. AppleScript: Beginner's Tutorial at macosxautomation.com
  2. Script Debugger 7 -- a full IDE for developing AppleScript.
    SD7 now comes with a 20-day free trial, and then will gracefully downgrade to the FREE SD7 Lite (which is still much better than Script Editor).

You can get lots of AppleScript help here in this forum, and in the Script Debugger Forum.

If you really want a book, I like, and have used (mostly before I discovered Ref #1), this book:
Learn AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X, 3rd Edition, Kindle Edition by Hamish Sanderson (Author), Hanaan Rosenthal (Author)

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I agree with what JM says, but I might recommend “AppleScript 1,2,3” by Sal Sohogian and Bill Cheeseman. Unfortunately I haven't had my hands on this, although I broke down and ordered a used copy.

“Learn AppleScript...” is one of the better books, but I think the other one might be good for beginners. I'll have a better opinion next Tuesday or Wednesday.


Macro works great, thanks!
Is there an easy way to have finder go to that folder after moving the files and also select them?

I know this is old, but you could add an Open a File, Folder or Application action to the end of your macro!

You mean like this: A Few Favorites Macro?

Maybe! I'm not familiar with that but will check it out—I was just throwing in there what I think should solve @OscarFogel's previous question :slight_smile:

I'm sad to say that @JMichaelTX will not be able to respond...

The Passing of JMichaelTX

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There are a number of macros on the forum that open selected Finder items, although finding them isn't always easy...

Here's one example thread:

Open Selected Files in the Finder with QuickTime Player



Oh no, that is terrible—sorry, y'all, I had no idea. What a great guy. Thank you for letting me know, and for the links @ccstone.

Semi-related & please let me know if I should create a new thread for this, but do you know of any posts that might describe how to have all selected items move to a selected folder in one go? I am probably missing something basic, but the macros I've come across & made so far have had me need to re-confirm the location for every item. Ideally, it'd stick everything in that place once the folder is chosen. I hope that makes sense & thank you again.

Hey Max,

See this:

Easiest Solution to Move One or More Files and/or Folders Selected in the Finder to Another Folder - #20 by ccstone

Read through the entire thread to see more than one method of getting the job done.



Thanks again, I will check this out now!

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