Finding Current Database for OS Migrations. .

I have been using KBM for ages and have always stayed on top of what was the latest database. I am migrating to replacement a hard drives and good ol' faithful CCC that has been severely fancified, failed me big time. It didn't bring over all the files and support files it should have. I so loved the old version, a block to block copy, no issues. So I am looking for the last set of files that I used KBM with. I know I made changes in the past couple of days and that there should be files with dates of those changes. But no. All I'm finding is a lot of files with dates from years ago. From a myriad of searches, I grabbed all the combination of the latest files from the last OSs I was in and the changes I made to several Macros are not there. And no files with any dates within the last few years.

I'm doing a major migration of Terabytes of data and am a bit scattered now that I am finding Carbon Copy Cloner is so over built it not longer does what I need. I would appreciate any help/hints to find my last used files. As would other might, since I searched and searched and I could not find this topic.

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