TIP: Location of KM Essential Files for Backup, Restore

Essential KM Files are in the KM Support Folder

~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro

  • Keyboard Maestro Clipboards.plist
  • Keyboard Maestro Clipboard History.plist
  • Keyboard Maestro Dictionaries.sqlite
  • Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist     <---- All Macros stored here
  • Keyboard Maestro Variables.sqlite

KM Preferences


where the tilde ~ refers to your Mac Home folder, as in:

NOTE: While the KM Support Folder will remain constant for all future (and probably past) versions of Keyboard Maestro, the specific files that KM uses and requires is subject to change at any time.

So if you are doing a backup, it is best to backup the entire folder.

Also see:

How do I backup / transfer my installation to another Mac? -- KM Wiki


thank you @JMichaelTX! does the above include km preferences too? -todd

Nope, but I just updated my OP to include KM Preferences.

thank you @JMichaelTX! -todd

Hi JM, good morning.
Thanks for your prompt reply and reference.
By the reply I see that I asked the wrong question. I apologize, I'm going to explain.
(I think I remember once reading a similar question and was said that the simplest/easiest way was to copy paste the whole app, or something like that).
I have 2 laptops. In #1 I am currently working daily and have everything (KM working, with all macros, preferences, etc'), #2 had to be erased and I am reinstalling app app, from scratch, although I have a clone+ a backup and I could easily just clone it back, but I need to check if I have a software problem.
So my question should have been: Can I just copy/paste the ~/Library/Application Support/KeyboardMaestro folder and that would be enough/the right thing?
And if the answer is yes, are there any additional files/folders that need to be copy/pasted as well?
So, again, sorry for the mistake and thanks again for your help.