Finding the Original Path of Aliases in the Finder Selection

My goal is to check the original path of aliases in a folder and get it's extention.

I've found an AppleScript that works, but it only looks at the first file in the folder.

I have no knowledge of AppleScript, but i just want to change it so it looks at the SELECTED file in stead of the FIRST file.

AppleScript is also beyond me. But please explain. Did you just take a snippet of AppleScript and put it into a KM macro that you want to get to work? That seems to be the case because your AppleScript uses an undefined variable and you don't use the KM variable in your AppleScript.

As I said I'm poor at AppleScript, but why not try replacing "aFile" in your AppleScript to the value of the variable in the KM loop? It would probably take me a few minutes to find that code.

Here is an example I've used for getting and setting a couple of variables in an AppleScript snippet. Do you think you can give it a go from here? It's also explained in the KM wiki but it took me an hour to interpret that wiki to get this snippet to work. :slight_smile:

Hey Gideon,

This macro will produce a text list of paths to any and all selected alias files in the Finder.

It will fail silently for any selected file that is NOT an alias file.

I can easily produce the file extension as well, but you'll need to tell me your preferred output format.

You can do this yourself by iterating through the list and using the Get File Attribute action to extract the file extension.

Let me know if you need any more help with this.


Find Original Path of Alias Files Selected in the Finder v1.00.kmmacros (7.4 KB)


I bow to your expertise and authority. Thanks.

@gideonmurray, looks like Chris @ccstone has given you a solution.

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