New Forum Feature: Question "Solved" (or "Best Answer")

###New Forum Feature: Question "Solved" (or "Best Answer")
In late April 2016 this new feature was released.

It provides a method for the Original Poster (OP) of a topic, which is a question or issue, to select the best reply that resolves the issue, or, IOW, the "best answer" (as used in other forums).

###How To Use

At the bottom of the post that answers or solves the question/problem as you originally stated it, simply click the "Solved" checkbox:

####The benefits of this feature are:

  1. When a future reader of the original post views the question/issue, they can immediately see that it has been answered/resolved.
  2. When viewing the forum topic list, the viewer can quickly see which topics have been answered/resolved.

Here is an example of how this works.

See this topic on the Discourse forum.

1. User posts new topic

2. Another user provides the answer

3. OP Selects that post as "best answer"

4. Original Post is Updated to show selected answer:

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