Floating Animated HTML Menu

How easy would it be to setup this floating animated HTML menu in Keyboard Maestro instead of BetterTouchTool?


I'd love to keep everything in KM if possible :slight_smile: call me a fanboy.

Thanks in advance.

You can adjust all kinds of things (window size for a start), but it seems to work more or less out of the box if you:

  1. Bring the CSS code into a <style> tag,
  2. replace the BTT urls with KMTrigger urls:

Hex menu Macros.kmmacros (33.9 KB)

There was just a full discussion of this (which was solved). And ComplexPoint has the gist of that solution.

Thanks to you both. I can't seem to access that topic? Says it doesn't exist, and it doesn't appear in search.

Sorry, I didn't notice that was a private email. I've corrected the link.

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