Folders in Applications Palette?

I am really loving having the Applications Palette in KM.

It has become really central to my workflow.

Is it possible to add folders to the Applications Palette?

Just folders that I like to frequently access, not currently open folders.

I know it's the opposite of the purpose of the Applications Palette, which only shows open applications (which I do love!), but just the way I have been working lately it would be nice to access folders I like in the same palette.

Or should I try to replace the Applications Palette with some kind of custom palette?


Hi, @NRKorsakov. The Applications Palette is configurable, but it doesn't appear that you can add favorite folders. For more information, see: Applications Palette [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

You could certainly create you own palette to add favorite folders. Keyboard Maestro palettes can be launched in a variety of ways. For more information, see: Palettes [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

If you'd like access to a set of favorite folders via the keyboard, you might be interested in a macro that I'm currently developing. For more information, see: Want to Help Test a Finder-related Macro? - Questions & Suggestions

Hey thanks so much!

I just did as you suggested, and it looks (and works) great.

Also discovered custom shapes and colors in the palette menu, which is really nice.

Thanks again for your kind help!

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