Found Image not working in Ventura

I just migrated to a new M1 Mac running Ventura. I have several macros using Found Image that fail saying they can't find the unique image. I re-sampled the image and cranked up the fuzziness, but I can't get KM to recognize the image.

Suggestions? Thanks.

Any particular app they're not working in or is it across the board?

Have you checked that the KM Engine has Screen Recording permissions?

Mostly Curio, because that's the app I have the most macros using Found Image.

I checked Screen recording permissions and reinstalled jsut in case. No joy. KM still can't see the image.

Are you searching for images in all screens or within the front window? I've had issues with some front window actions since upgrading to Ventura.

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Thanks for that - changing to all screens fixed it!

If you wouldn't mind, could you run THIS and select Curio, then post the output here?

Here you go:

Window Name  :  Untitled – Window test
Application  :  Curio
minimum value              :  missing value
orientation                :  missing value
position                   :  {784, 233}
class                      :  window
accessibility description  :  missing value
role description           :  standard window
focused                    :  false
custom title               :  Untitled – Window test
size                       :  {1440, 835}
help                       :  missing value
entire contents            :  {}
enabled                    :  missing value
maximum value              :  missing value
role                       :  AXWindow
value                      :  missing value
subrole                    :  AXStandardWindow
selected                   :  missing value
name                       :  Untitled – Window test
description                :  standard window

Could you also tell me: can you manipulate windows by title in Curio? For example:

The reason for these questions is that KM should be able to search within the front window in Curio, but apparently can't. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps it's a Chromium-based app...?

If you would like to search within the front window only, here's a workaround:

Manipulate windows by title is GO in Curio. :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks for the workaround, it works a treat.

Curio is not Chromium-based, BTW.

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