Frequent Keyboard Maestro Engine Crash

I'm using KM with a game running but I'm experiencing numberous crashes. My macros work for a while then the engine dies (KM itself is still open). I don't have SIMBL installed. I don't see much else in the way of docs talking about engine crashes (though I may have missed it).

Which OS? Which KM version? Which game? Do all the macros crash or just some of them? If so, what type of macros?
In my experience KM is pretty resilient, so this is unusual.

I just wanted to know where the logs and things I heard about in a few other places were located, or whether it was trawling through console message or something as the docs are a bit vague on this sort of side of things (from what I've seen, I could be wrong) rather than instigate a full outlay of what's going on initially.

OK. I underrstand. Open the KM editor, under help there is an option to open the km logs folder

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