FYI – Crash When Pressing Spacebar (Trying to Scroll) While Viewing a Custom HTML Prompt

Downloaded the amazing Napkin macro and decided to scroll through it in view (not edit mode). Tried using spacebar to do this (habit from web + PDF viewers) and it reliably crashed KM! :grimacing:

I'm not familiar with using the spacebar to scroll in Keyboard Maestro (Preview, sure). And I can't get it (v9.2 in Mojave) to do so, either.

So I'm not sure what state Keyboard Maestro was in when you tried it. But you couldn't have been inside any of the actions (like the HTML prompts), which would have taken the space literally.

Sorry I can't duplicate it. I wonder if something beyond Napkin or even Keyboard Maestro is behind the crash.

I was trying to scroll through the macro itself (within keyboard maestro). I had turned off edit mode to try to get an overview of everything. It’s OK if spacebar isn’t going to scroll (although I always prefer to be able to use this method ;-)), but I thought Peter would want to know about the crash!

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Hey Aaron,

Make a movie and post it on YouTube.

Provide version numbers for KM and macOS.

If you can show @peternlewis a repeatable test case where Keyboard Maestro crashes I'm sure he'll fix it.


I cannot duplicate this.

Can you send me the crash log?

It would be in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder

You can get to ~/Library (which is in your Home folder, but generally hidden from you) in the Finder by holding down the shift (or option) key and selecting Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

Keyboard Maestro should offer to send the crash report when it launches next, which would also work, but I don't see any recent crashes tthat look like they could be from you.

I have the napkin macro but I can't duplicate the problem described by the OP.