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I have multiple macros that I use as templates and find myself often going to those macros→ creating a duplicate → go to the duplicate and edit it.

A simple example would be a CRON Reminder Template which displays a message and plays a sound. I obviously don't want to edit and mess up the template. I want to create a duplicate first.

I created a macro to go to a macro using the UUID → duplicates the macro → go to the duplicate.
I can't figure out why the macro attached sometimes works and other times not.

Note: I had to add the Select Macros Column action. Otherwise the duplicate menu item is greyed out.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Go To Duplicate.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

In case you've yet to hear of or just forgotten about @DanThomas's KMFAM, I think you might be better served with that, as it can save entire macros in a way that's perfect for templates.


Yes, it's certainly a valid point.
I use @DanThomas's KMFAM many time a day.
I personally find using the macro above with Dan's Quick Access Palette faster in terms of workflow.
I discovered something perplexing in regard to my question: the macro I posted is unreliable. Sometimes it works, other times not . If I simply replace 2 actions (View Select Macro Column and Edit Duplicate) with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts, the macros work 100% of the time.
Thank you for your suggestion.

Hey @ronald,

That is indeed odd.

Try putting a pause-until menu path exists in front of the choose-menu actions instead of just a pause.


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OK thanks