Google sheets and KBM

Hi Guys,

Is there a way how to get data from a google sheet, lets say all the Data of Column A and put it into a variable Variable XY in KBM?

Sounds like you haven’t tried to do it yourself, so why not see what others have done by searching the KM forum: Search results for 'Google sheet' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

The way I do it is to use AppsScript in GoogleSheets to automatically access data in the sheet and write those data to a text file in GoogleDrive. Once the text file exist in GoogleDrive, KM can easily read the file to a variable and process it in any way desirable.

I just wrote something like this last week using basic commands.


  1. cmd-J (go to the range box)
  2. type "A1" (add a return there) (to go to the top of col A)
  3. keystroke cmd-shift-down arrow (select all text in A. Won't work well if there're gaps)
  4. copy
  5. save clipboard to variable