Gradual slowdown using Ventura


I found Ventura to be a rocky upgrade generally, but I was able to resolve most issues, except some nagging issues with KM.

I have noticed that it seems to run slower over time, and that a reboot fixes that.

For example: I detect a key sequence and I replace it with a typed sequence. Right after reboot, it types quickly. But over time, it types more and more slowly. If I reboot, it's back to quick.

Similarly, I have a macro I use all the time that sends a series of command keys to a few different applications, and I noticed this also gets slower over time. After a reboot, it's back to quick.

It could be (I need to investigate more) that KM is also using more CPU all the time when this happens.

Curious if anyone else is seeing this.


  • Eric

Hey Eric,

Take a look at the memory usage in the Activity Monitor app just after booting and then when your system gets slow.

  • Look at things in general.
  • Look at the Keyboard Maestro Engine.


Good tip, thanks!

I realized maybe some macro was going rogue, so I disabled a few things I had that run periodically, especially while idle. Already it seems better, so I will now turn them on one-by-one to try to figure out which one is the culprit.

It would be nice to be able to see logs or something that show when macros start and finish.

I Googled around a bit for that and didn't see that. Is there a way to get more diagnostic information about runtimes, memory use, etc. of individual macros?

Many thanks!