Has anyone managed to create an HUD within Keyboard Maestro?

I am aware of the BTT option but it is way too limited. I would like more control over the size, placement and a few other details. So I'm wondering if anyone has created an HUD within Keyboard Maestro perhaps using the Custom HtmL Prompt action.

What are you trying to display?

You could, for example, build a variable and display it using the Display Text Large action.

EDIT: Oops, that would not give you control over size, placement, etc.

This Custom HTML Prompt with javascript timer to close the window could probably work for you.

See also: Custom HTML Prompt with total control of display

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I want something to give me a heads up for macro status and the like, but I want it very subtle and mostly transparent. Similar to the BTT HUD but with much more control. I would like control over the window size as well as font size and placement.

I tried messing around with the Custom HtML Prompt but I hate the annoying beep when I use the escape key to close the window. I don't get the beep if it has a title bar but I don't want a title bar.

Hi @larsof54,

As @evanfuchs has mentioned,

This Custom HTML Prompt with javascript timer to close the window could probably work for you.

Please check this out. It doesn't have a title and you may close the window with Esc without the beep sound. I intentionally developed those macros to mimic the BTT HUD.


hey @martin

thanks for replying. That looks very promising and gives me lots of stuff to look at and play with.

@martin , I played around with "Display Text Large HTML Prompt - Center Window - Rounded Corners" yesterday and I could swear that hitting the escape key would close the HTML windows as advertised, ie. quietly without the annoying beep. Today when I started to do some more testing I find that the beep is back, and it's still there after a fresh reboot.

So annoying...

Any ideas how as to find out what's causing this annoying beep?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Larry Wilson

Sorry, I have no clue...
I tested on my Mac, no beep sound at all...In fact, I never had any beeps with any KM macros...

I managed to stop the beep with a little bit of help from Peter the Great. From Nov 2021 he said:

Note that if you don't want to have a “beep” when you handle the return to close the window, you need to add


So I added it to the event listener section of your code like this:

function KMInit() {
            window.addEventListener("keydown", function (e) {
                if (e.keyCode == 27) { // press 'Esc' to close the window.

Amazing, but it worked great. Nice and quiet when I use the escape key to close the HTML window.

I'm happy now that I can proceed to screw things up quietly!

@martin I have to say I've been a big fan of you and your work with the HTML Prompt. Many thanks for all you have done for the community and your help with my issue. Cheers!


I'm glad to see that you've searched and found a solution to it!
And, thanks for sharing! I would have never known it by myself.
I appreciate your kind words! I'm glad that I could be of some help!!

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