Help With a Text Expansion Shortcut?

Hi all,

I'm looking to make a text expansion shortcut that accomplishes the following

  1. allows me to tell students where they are in a waitlist
  2. allows me to respond to the email with the student's names
  3. allows me to choose from 2-3 preset messages

I was able to figure out the text expansion and fill in the waitlist number and student name fine, but when I tried figuring out how to have a different set of responses that all implement the same variable I got confused. I attached the macro I have so far, I'd appreciate any guidance.

wailtist.kmmacros (3.7 KB)


If you want to do it with a prompt, check this macro:

Dumb alternative:

  1. -Duplicate the macro: Make two additional copies, one for each response. Edit macro 2 and macro 3 to change the message
    2.- Assign the same shortcut.

Now, when you use the assigned shortcut, you'll get the Conflict palette, and then can select which response you want to run

I’m liking the idea for the dumb shortcut. Lol. Thanks. I’ll look into the smart version too. That’s kind of what i tried first but got i stuck. When the text selection is longer or includes a separate line KM tends presented it as a separate option.

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