Help With Automating Email to Calendar Event With Email URL - Clipboard Issues

Hi All!

I am trying to get KM to grab the URL of a mail message, accept input from the user, pass that input to Fantastical, and then paste the URL of the mail message into the URL field of the calendar event. The macro is mostly working. However, the URL for the mail message never seems to transfer appropriately. Instead, it continues to past the URL of the first message it was used with (never replacing the URL with the current message). Can anyone see any blatant errors in the recipe? This is my first post.

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You set messageLink to the system clipboard, but I don't know why we should expect the URL that you're looking for to be on the system clipboard before the action. How does the URL get to the system clipboard?

Hey @bradley,

As Vincent mentions you've left out some important bits from your question.

What email client are you working with in particular.

We don't know how you're getting your URL.

We don't know what it looks like. (Encoded, not-encoded, etc.)

More info please.

If you haven't read these they're worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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