Help with selecting Sub-Menu item


I am having trouble create a macro to select a sub-menu item.

The sub-menu lets me select the size (scaling) of the app's GUI.

I have created two macros to choose to select the correct menu items.

The menu is View, the menu-item is Scale, and the sub-menu choices are 100% and 125%.

The macros I created only work sometimes or not at all.

I see some activity sometimes flicker in the View menu when I trigger the macro (I'm triggering from a button on my global palette), but other times nothing?


Odd that it's not working. Do menu item selections work in other apps for you?

You could try the applescript approach if all else fails.

activate application "Digital Performer"
tell application "System Events"
tell process "Digital Performer"
click menu item "100%"  of menu 1 of menu item "Scale" of menu 1 of menu bar item "View" of menu bar 1

end tell
end tell

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You have a yellow caution icon in both your macros.

What's that? (Click it to see more info.)

Did you create your Choose-Menu action using the Menu V pop-up menu on the right side of the action? Sometimes menus are not quite what they appear to be to the eye, so it's a good idea to let Keyboard Maestro create the structure for you.

Is Digital Performer frontmost when you activate the macros?



Thanks so much for both of these kind replies!

I didn't see the yellow caution, but that ended up being that Keyboard Maestro wanted permission to do screen recording, which I granted.

I'm going to try "find menu item" in other apps this AM and if they work.

The DAW that I use, Motu DP (Digital Performer), has always been finicky about menu items and the way it saves documents. Sometimes I can auto-paste the date (using KM) into the "Save-as" command, sometimes not.

Keyboard Maestro has saved me hours & hours auto-naming and dating music mixes as we print them.

It's weird with these two will occasionally work, and then not the other, and vice-versa. When that happens, I see a little flicker in the "View" menu every time I hit the one that is working, but no flicker when I trigger the other macro. Then vice-versa when the other one starts worksing!

I'll also look at the script thing. Scripting is completely new to me, so its would be good for me to learn some basics about it.

Thanks again for all of your kind help!

Well I checked the KM Select-menu-item in the same app with other menu/sub-menu items and they work fine.

It is just this one.

I think I'll just do the thing where it looks for menu items by name?

I think I figured the problem.

In the menu I'm trying to work with, I noticed that the the currently selected GUI scaling is greyed out, and you can't choose it.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 10.09.06 AM

It would make sense that you wouldn't want to choose it as you are already there, but somehow that is creating havoc for KM.

The DAW does have keyboard commands to scale the GUI up or down by 10%, so I'm just going to have the KM macros hit that 3 times. either direction depending on how I want it to go.

Thanks again for all of your kind help!

FYI there is this thread I just found for dealing with greyed-out items;

Interesting that one item being greyed out is interfering with the menu selection. Hopefully the menu item enabled condition gets you up and running. Failing that...

Another option you could try is:

  • A Show Menu action set to select the "Scale" submenu, without going further and selecting the desired scale percentage.
  • An Insert Text By Typing action to type the percentage you want.
  • Simulate pressing Return.

Here's an example with the Keyboard Maestro editor to select View > Sort Macros by > Trigger.


Hey thank you for that!

That is a way more elegant way for me to do this, and I can pick my percentages too that way, which I couldn't before.

I know this all sounds a little obsessive, but I find with my eyes the way they are that I like different scalings when I am composing vs. when I am conducting (I run my own DAW at sessions these days much to the consternation of whatever recording engineers are there!).

Having macros to do this makes it so I don't have to think about it or get distracted.

Thanks for that!

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Trust me, I get being obsessive. Always happy to help, especially when it's a fellow musician!

Hope it works!

Whoa those are terrific!

I really need to look at trying to do some of those with DP if you don't mind?

I have a bunch that I love that make work a breeze, but there are many things you've done I would have never thought of. either doing or thought they were possible.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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