Helpful Hints for Speedier Searching for the Right Macro

When writing a macro, I sometimes am not sure what category the command or macro I need is in, so I Have to make a good guess and then proceed to manually search each item in the list of all macros. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to how to speed that up? Cheatsheets?

Ever since discovering KM's Add Action by Name command, shortcut:


I've never gone back to the new action palette. Give it a try!

Edit - just realised I’m talking about Actions whereas you’ve mentioned Macros and Commands so I’m not sure I’ve answered your question!


Hey @gmark,

I never use the “Show Actions” sheet anymore – I've used the “Add Action by Name” command @tiffle mentions , since it was first added to KM.

You can also emplace Text-Tokens, Functions, and Variables by name.

See: KM_MenuBar › Edit › Insert <Action, Function, Token, Variable>

You should also be aware of @DanThomas' KMFAM.

Keep in mind too that Insert-Action-By-Name has a help link at the bottom of the dialog that will take you to the Wiki for that particular action.

The insert menus will also do this if you hold down the Option-key.



Thanks, Christopher!

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Thanks, tiffle!


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Oh my gosh the whole set of "Insert" submenus in the Edit menu are great! (The greatest is that there are keyboard shortcuts for each, but also nice to see all these items by browsing the menus...)

Thank you for pointing these out!


whoa! thanks @tiffle!

Hey Aaron,

Keep in mind too that you can assign keyboard shortcuts to individual actions you use frequently.

You can do this with a Keyboard Maestro Select or Show a Menu Item action, or with the System Keyboard Preferences (if you want to be able to see the keyboard shortcut in-line in the menu).

Then of course we have to at least mention @DanThomas' wonderful KMFAM macro: