Hide Desktop Pallet, Not Menu Bar?

Just recently installed/purchased KM. How do I hide the pallet/icon floating around on the desktop without disabling the corresponding macro group in the menu bar? I only want to see the macros (for this simple group) in the menu bar (always), never on the desktop.

I'm sure somebody else has thought of this or has done it, but I've searched and searched, both within KM and this forum, without success. By the way, if it makes any difference, Keyboard Maestro 10.2 and MacOS 13.0.1 (Ventura).

Hey Fred,

No idea what you're talking about – but then again it's been almost 20 years since I had a first install of Keyboard Maestro.

Please post a screenshot of the desktop palette and the menu you're having issues with.

Hazarding a guess...

You very possibly have the applications palette enabled in Keyboard Maestro's general preference panel.

The menu item should be a macro group with specific settings.


Look through the Keyboard Maestro Editor to get an idea of what's there.

  • Take your time.
  • Learn the terminology.
  • Look through the preferences.
  • Look through all the menus carefully.
    • You won't remember everything but you'll begin to build your mind map of Keyboard Maestro.
  • Look through the Actions Panel (Cmd-K), and familiarize yourself with all the categories.
  • Use the help
    • Option-Key in menus.
    • Help link in dialogs.
  • Use the search field in the Help Menu.
  • Use the Insert By Name functions in the Edit menu – actions, tokens, functions, variables, and dates.
  • Don't spend more than 30 minutes banging your head against a problem.
    • The world has enough dain brammage already.
    • Search the forum.
      • If you don't find answers pretty quickly then ask.

When I first started using Keyboard Maestro in 2004 (?) I turned off ALL the macros that came with it.

I then looked through all of them for things I thought would be useful and experimented with them.

I ended up with a small starter set of macros that were useful to me, and I used them and the ones I had disabled as tools to learn how Keyboard Maestro ticked.


When posting macros to the Keyboard Maestro forum please use these guidelines:

  1. Always Post a Macro File.

    • This means people won't have to reinvent the wheel to test your macro, and that significantly improves the likelihood that someone will help you.
  2. Always Post a Macro Image.

    • Folks generally won't download something they haven't eyeballed first, so an image of the macro is crucial.

If you haven't seen these they're worth a moment of your time:

Take Care,

(Keyboard Maestro Moderator)

I believe you are talking about the Global Macro Palette. I believe it can be "hidden" only by looking at its contents and then going to each of the macros/macro groups it contains and deleting their respective "Global Macro Palette" triggers. You can still leave the Status Menu trigger on for the things you want to have appear in the menu bar

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