How Can I Find Out Why a HotKey Is Unavailable?

Is there an easy method to find out what shift-control-option-command-w is being used for? It causes my screen to flash once and sound a beep. Then my puter heats up like crazy...

The easy way is to use KeyCue , but it cost a few $.

Or you can try these manual steps:

  1. Stop the KM Engine and try your shortcut to determine whether or not it is coming from a KM Macro.
  2. Goto System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts and manually search the shortcuts.
    • This is not a likely macOS shortcut using all of the modifier keys.
  3. Open the Activity Monitor, set the sort to CPU%, and then press your shortcut.
    • If it is what is causing your Mac to heat up you should see it rise to the top of the high-cpu list.

You could also try ShortcutDetective:

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I had this same issue and it took forever to find the fix. In Catalina shift+ctrl+cmd+opt+W starts diagnostics. I disabled that combination in Karabiner elements.

I had to search for "โ‡งโŒƒโŒฅโŒ˜+W" to find any information.


Ya I noticed in AppTamer that "sysdiagnose" was using way too much cpu %.
ShortcutDetective looks potentially useful, although it didn't find the culprit in this case.

Thanks everyone, esp gglick

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