How Can I Move a Message in Spark Mail from My Inbox to a Folder?

I'd like to set up a macro in Spark mail app so that when I'm clicked on a message I can click a hot key shortcut like F9 as the message I'm on automatically is sent to X folder. Any ideas about how I could start this? I tried recording macro steps but this picked exact positions on the screen and doesn't seem what I'm looking for. Thank you!

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New to Keyboard Maestro: Could you help me with setting up this macro?

How Can I Move a Message in Spark Mail from My Inbox to a Folder?

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Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Spark Mail, so I'll be able to only offer some general suggestions. Perhaps other members who use Spark will be able to provide more specific help.

Apple Mail is the only mail app that KM offers specific support for. For all other mail apps, you can use these KM actions to automate that app:

  1. Execute an AppleScript action
    • Chances are good that most mail apps will support AppleScript, and any AppleScript you write can be executed via KM
  2. Select or Show a Menu Item action
    • If you can achieve your automation using the app's menus, then you can automate with KM
  3. Type a Keystroke action
    • You can simulate using the app's shortcut keys and hot keys
  4. Click Mouse on Found Image action
    • If none of the above works, this often is the solution, to move and/or click the mouse on a unique image in the app's window.
  5. And there are other supporting Actions and Tokens that you can use.

If the macro you recorded mostly works, save the mouse clicks, then it would be best if you can post/upload your macro so we can see the other KM Actions that did work.

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If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to post here. If your question is really a new subject, please post as a new forum topic.

Good luck! I fully expect that you will be able to automate this task with KM.

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Hi Monica,

I like and use Spark myself, but I'm afraid it is sorely lacking when it comes to things like scripting support. As such, the best way I've found to automate moving messages to folders with KM is this:

Move Selected Message to Specified Folder.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Feel free to report back if you have any further questions.


@gglick I was using this macro for a long time, but since a few weeks it stopped after inserting the name. The enter button doesn't do a thing. I've tried it manually as well, but no success. Do you also have this issue or am I the only one?

I've solved it with the "Move and Click" element.