How Can I Paste the Current Date & Time With Keyboard Maestro?

How can I paste current date & time with Keyboard Maestro?

Hey there, you can use the insert text by pasting action, and use the ICUDateTime token.

Take a look at those articles and if you can't figure it out, let us know and we can provide further assistance.



You can use this token:

%ICUDateTime%MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm% an action like this:


Feel free to change the order of the date parts, etc.

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Thanks for the additional info! Super helpful!


There are a few of these already sprinkled around the forum:

Insert Time and Date Macro

Can I Create Macros for Inserting Date and Time?

Unfortunately Discourse's search leaves something to be desired.

I usually take a few tries with it, but if I don't find what I want fairly quickly I'll do a Google site-search.

<Your Search Terms> site:

A new feature in Keyboard Maestro 10.x is the ability to insert date-string syntax elements.


Basic date-strings have been around for years:


Thank you for creating the Thread. I was looking for the same!

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