How Do I Add New Macros to Best Macro List



Hi and good day,

I want to upload a couple of very useful (mostly text-related) scripts to the Best Macro List.

Is there a short description of how to do it - I don't want to shake up the page.

Also I would need to create a textprocessing category, which I don't see there.


with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

Selecting and Copying text on web page Help!

The wiki covers How to Post/Upload Your Macro to the Forum.

As described in the wiki, just select Shared to Keyboard Maestro Forum, copy the resulting code for the links to the macro and/or image, and then cancel the new topic. Then reply to the original topic and paste the copied code in.


First, upload your macro to the "Macro Library" section/category.
See How to post/upload your script/macro.

Then just edit the OP of the Best Macro List , and add your Macros to the appropriate section, following the style that is used.

Then it is usually good idea to select/quote the Macros you have added, and enter a new post so that everyone is notified. Just editing the OP does NOT generate notifications.
When I get the notification, I will double-check your updates for you this time.

To edit a "wiki" post, just click on the "wiki edit icon" in the top right of the post.

Macros are sorted first by Category, then alphabetically by Macro name.


@okn, I have moved your post, and all replies to it, to a new topic, since you have asked a new questions. Please always start a new Topic for a new subject/question in the future.