How do I construct a link (title with embedded link) in KM, then paste that into evernote or an email?

Example: I would like to view a youtube video in a browser, with one keystroke copy the URL and page title, open Evernote or an email and paste that data in this format: "Youtube title (Link)". The title is plain text and the word 'Link' has the embedded URL. Ideally using html or 2nd best is RTF.

I've gone down many paths to figure this out without success!

How do you encode or format text so that clipboard understands it is a link?



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I'm not clear on exactly what format you want the output to be, so let's start with something simple.

If the video is open in either Safari or Chrome, you can set the System Clipboard to this to create a Markdown link:


If you want a Rich Text hyperlink then you could use this:

MACRO: Set Clipboard to Rich-Text (RTF) Hyperlink & Plain Text MD Link VER 3

Thanks for your help. I'm an fairly new to KM (absolutely impressed with the app!) so please excuse my misunderstandings!

If I understand things correctly, the macro you sent will give me the data I'm looking for (URL, title etc). Thanks, it is much better than what I had. The part I don't understand is how to construct the link in such a way that when I load it to the system clipboard it will paste as an embedded link.


Thanks Michael, just saw your reply after I replied to the other user. I believe I need the RTF solution. I will try that. Thanks