How Do I Scroll Down to View Image/Link to Click on?

I have another question if you have time.

thanks to you, the radio button action below works perfectly to complete a questionnaire.

At the end of the macro, I would simply like to click on an icon submit. This is easy to do with the click on image action.
The problem is that to use the click on image action, the image has to be displayed on the screen which means that I have to scroll down the browser screen to see the submit button.

This should be extremely simple: just press Spacebar, but for some reason the type spacebar action does not respond after executing the set google chrome radio button action.

Would you have any idea why ?

please note that click on image works properly: if I scroll down the page manually, the action works

thanks again very much


Hey @ronald,

My off-hand guess is that focus is on the button.

Try using Cmd-J to “Jump to Selection” after setting the radio button.

If that works then use a Select a Menu Item action to activate it in your macro.

If it doesn't work report back, and we'll look for an alternative.


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Have you tried:

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sorry for the delay.

Your solutions sounded very elegant indeed, but I encountered problems.

  • click to link browser action. Unfortunately, a gazillion links are listed. Impossible by reading through to determine which one is pertinent.

  • submit form action behaves as if if works (screen flickers). Unfortunately when I check the central register for the form used, it was not registered. I have to go back to Chrome, click on submit and it registers properly.

thanks very much for your time and help

Sorry for the delay. It is because every time I do a test filling a form I have to wait another day for a new blank form. I am still waiting for another email / form to complete

Believe it or not, I search for info on the topic on the Internet and am embarrassed to say that I cannot understand what the Chrome → Edit → Find→ Jump to Selection command does, and why it would allow me to navigate from a radio button to the submit image.

thanks very much for your help

below is the error message.

another question: how do I display the whole notification. i clicked on 'show' and nothing happened. My notifications are set to KBM → alert banner

thank you


Hey @ronald,

It jumps the page to where the selection is.

So, let's say you've scrolled to the top of the page, but you have a selection out of sight at the bottom of the page.

Jump-to-Selection will jump to where the selection is and make it visible.

I was under the impression that your radio button was out of sight, but perhaps I was wrong.

In any case – you should be able to use PageDown instead of Space.

Look in the log.

Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit


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Thank you for your answer-
I think that I did not express myself correctly.
When I first wrote the macro, that it exactly what I did
: macro below to fill in radio buttons→ page down → click on submit image.

By playing around, I figured out that the only part that did not work was the page down (=spacebar) command, and I figured out that for some reason, after running the macro below, the web page tab in question is no longer 'responsive' to the usual commands (shortcuts).

To make page down work, I must first click anywhere on the web page to make it responsive, which I don't know how to translate into a KBM action.

does this ring a bell ?

thanks again


Try this macro as a test on your web pages to see if it will scroll to the bottom for you.
You must first set the KM Variable ElemToSearchFor to the queryselector() CSS of the page HTML element that is visible near your target item.

For example, based on the macro of your last post, it looks like to be that you would use:
which I have already entered in a disabled Action for the Variable.

You should first run the macro as is, to test the basic logic. It opens the KM forum to a very long topic which requires many scroll downs to get to the final bottom.

If that works, then change the ElemToSearchFor to match that on your web page.
You could just enable the Action with it, and disable the Action below it.

Please test and let us know if this works for you.
If it does then you can incorporate into your macro, maybe as a sub-macro.

MACRO:   Scroll Web Page Until Bottom is Reached [Example]

~~~ VER: 1.0    2018-05-30 ~~~


Scroll Web Page Until Bottom is Reached [Example].kmmacros (6.3 KB)
Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.


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Hey @ronald,

I can only guess that focus is stuck on a UI element that prevents other user interaction with the page.

It would help if you could provide an example page to test with.


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@JMichaelTX @ccstone

it all works fine now

I want to thank the both of you for your help with this macro and better understanding KBM actions