How Do I Update Quicken 2017 from a Variety of Sources, including Apple Numbers?

Background: Have to use two financial software packages. One copies fields from a list of transactions in a Numbers spreadsheet. The second macro, posted here, enters most of the transaction in Quicken.

History: My macros worked great for several months. I’m now having problems with copying and pasting.

Copy function (not uploaded)
Have tried Command C, and copy functions. Not always reliable. Helped when I inserted pauses between each action, pulls the data 90% of the time now. As part of the function, I display all the copied data in a popup before I proceed.

Paste function
Biggest issue is pasting. The popup and preferences show the data are correct. I have inserted pauses, with marginally better results. Have tried normalizing the text in the clipboard before pasting (disabled sections), and simply pasting. The “Payee” and “Note” are the worst. I used to have 95% success, pasting now is less than 10% successful, with longer and longer pauses.

As stated, the data shows in the named clipboards. If I select the contents of the clipboard in preferences, copy, then paste right back to the clipboard, this macro works! If I create a separate macro to simply copy and paste one field, using the same functions, the same data appears in the named clipboard, and it pastes to Quicken successfully. Huh?

Keyboard Maestro has saved me so much time, but lately, the copy/paste in these functions (but not others), has not worked well.

Any ideas?

Forgot to mention. I’m copying and pasting date, payee, note, and category.

The macro is copying, manipulating, then pasting the Date and Category; these two operations are very reliable. The operations that (nearly) entirely rely on copy and paste, Payee and Note, do not work so well.

It appears that the Apple Numbers app has some issues concerning the copy of cell data to the clipboard. See:

Some ideas:

  1. Since both Numbers and Quicken support AppleScript, that might be the best solution.
  2. Possibly export the Numbers data to file, then import to Quicken.

Thanks for the suggestion and links. I’m experiencing the same issue. I don’t get “no text” as frequently when copying to the clipboard as the thread’s OP, but for me, KM does not paste correctly more frequently than ever.

Applescript with Quicken is supported (wow!), but appears to be forbidding territory–not much activity in forums, and I’ve never done more than tinker with AppleScript.

Ultimately, I was looking for something that would allow me to import transactions from other financial software on an ad hoc basis. Import options for Quicken Mac 2017 are limited and have tradeoffs. QIF format is only supported for new data files, and only one account at a time. QFX does not support categories, and more importantly, accounts cannot be linked for online download.

Quicken does allow import of formatted CSV files. I just completed a successful import. The spreadsheet can be manipulated manually, or one can use CSV2CSV to convert. This import method does not allow me to specify an account, but transactions can be dragged and dropped to any account. This will also allow me to edit the rest of the transaction as I see fit, rather than one transaction at a time.

So, if I understand correctly, you are looking for a more general purpose macro/script that will allow you to import data from a variety of sources into Quicken 2017, correct?

If so, then I see three possible methods:

  1. Develop an AppleScript that uses a given set of data to update Quicken
  • Develop an import file format that will work properly with Quicken.
  • Develop a KM Macro that will automate the process in Quicken, from creating the new transaction to pasting in the data in the proper places.

If the process is well designed, you will have two major parts:

  1. Selection of Source Data
  1. Update of Quicken

#3 is probably the easiest for you, since you don't already have the AppleScript knowledge for Quicken. But it can also be the trickest, because you will have to navigate the Quicken interface with simple UI navigation using the KM Action Type a Keystroke action (KM Wiki).

Personally, I prefer #1. Although I don't know the Quicken script commands, I do have good skills with AppleScript. It might be worth the time to develop this if you really expect a fair number of different sources for your data, or you expect to do the import on a regular basis.

I also have Quicken 2017, so this task interests me. If you like, we could work together to develop an AppleScript solution. However, I do NOT have Apple Numbers, so I would use Excel, and you would have to translate the script to Numbers. This process many not be very fast, could take some time. So you will need to consider that.

IAC, it would be best if you can post some images and data files that illustrate the manual workflow you want to automate. Obviously you will want to use data that is not sensitive for this.

Please post the requested info, and let us know how you would like to proceed.

I hope you don’t mind that I have revised your topic title to make it better reflect your request.

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