How Do I Use AppleScript Choose Color to Set Selected Text Color?

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@cfriend, since it seems that you have mastered using the Choose Color picker, I thought I'd see if you might be able to assist me with an issue I have long had.

I want to select some text (in any rich text app), and then trigger a color picker popup with colors by name. Then using only the keyboard, select a color and apply that to the text.

I actually have already built my on Color Palette in the Color Picker:


So I have a set of colors by name, I just have not been able to choose the color by name using the keyboard.

Any ideas?

I probably does not really answer your question, but when the Color Palette becomes the foremost window then the Search text entry is where the cursor sits.

  1. Insert Text by Typing
    Type out the full name of the color that you want. Now it is the “sole” option and sits at the top of the list.

  2. Use Move and Click at (75,130) from top left corner of front window and the color is “chosen”.

I think you’re overestimating my abilities, seeing as I couldn’t fire off that Standard Addition without help, LOL!