How Get Title and URL From the Current Tab in Chrome

I have a macro that copies the Page title and URL of a webpage to the system clipboard but it doesn't work properly if there are multiple tabs. Instead of copying the values from the currently active tab, it copies the left-most tab.

The action, "Select Front Browser Tab," asks for a specific tab number (1,2,3, etc.) but I want to copy values from the currently active tab which I can't predict or hard code into the macro.

Is there a way to capture the page title and url of the currently active tab regardless of how many tabs are open?

Thank you.

SOLVED: The macro that I thought was malfunctioning was actually not running because I had placed it in a group that worked only when the Finder was the frontmost application. So, it wasn't running when Chrome, Safari, etc. was the frontmost application.

I had copied the url from the first tab for some other reason, manually. So, when I triggered the macro, thinking it actually ran, it didn't.

It works now that I moved it to a group that works in all applications.


How do you get the page title and URL?

That's the name of this thread and it's marked "Solved", but there is no answer for the rest of us. The "solution" is really a debugging issue, not the technique advertised in the title.

Could you share your solution, please?

I explained how I solved the problem in my forum post but here's a copy of the macro if you'd like it.


I have another version of this that adds labels such as "author, date, etc. to the URL title and URL address. See below. I use this to create a "library" of links to articles that I want to keep. I paste this info into an application that I recommend, Workflowy. Just to be clear, the info is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into any application -- not just Workflowy

Here's the simple macro that adds the labels.



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There are KM Tokens that provide this data for the frontmost page/tab in Safari, Chrome, and all Chrome-based browsers: See FrontBrowser tokens

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