How I use KM with a dedicated external keyboard

I'm lucky enough to have an old USB mini keyboard-trackball unit. I hot-glued this onto an old LCD Monitor stand (said monitor is now on the wall with some friends) so it sits upright (well, at the same angle as my MacBook screen). I have stuck sticky labels over most of the keys showing their new function - examples are "SHOW SERVICES", "STOP API2" and so on.
These keys are used as USB triggers to paste the contents of named clipboards to run commands I need. It works really well for me, saves me much typing (and typos!).
I recently changed my macros to add in two steps: copy system clipboard to named clipboard "temp_scratchpad" before pasting the named clipboard with the command in it, and (you guessed it) copying the temp_scratchpad back to the system clipboard before finishing.
KM is a really astounding product and I am so glad I found it!
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Iā€™d love to see how the inputs from that keyboard are differentiated from other keyboard inputs

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I choose USB Device Key Trigger

Hope this helps.

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